​Parenting is probably the hardest and scariest thing i have done in my life and although it can be very rough and hard at times it is very rewarding too. Kids have this unique ability to be able to annoy you while also making you smile. 

I haven’t experienced alot of parenthood but in the two years that i have i can honestly say that life without my daughter or wife just wouldn’t be worth living. They both make me so happy. This morning my daughter just asked for a kiss and followed it up with saying i love you. It melted my heart straight away.

The scariest thing about being a parent for me is knowing that you have a life that is completely trusting and dependant on you. Sometimes I’m scared i will mess it up but then i think i can only do my best. Our best is all we can do.

If you’re a parent try not to get scared and just have fun and enjoy all the small things like how they can come out with funny words or phrases as it won’t last. Make the most of them being young and cute.

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2 thoughts on “Parenting

  1. Thank you 🙂 my little one is 2 months old, and he literally makes me smile everyday! All the crying and sleepless nights are worth every second I spend with him! We truly are lucky privileged people to have such awesome little people in our lives!!

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