Christmas Time

This is possibly one of the best and most stressful times of the year for all parents. You get the stress from family members wanting to visit or visit you. The stress of trying to get the right/best gifts for your children. It all takes its toll on us and can make us quite grouchy, angry, snappy and generally not in a good mood.

However on the flip side you get to create the amazing world in your childs head and in your home. This world is a magical one full of wonder, teaching and amazement. You get to help them believe in Santa by visiting him at one of his many grottos around the country where they can tell him themselves what they want for Christmas. You also get to follow family traditions and even start your own. 

The look on your childs face when they see and believe in Santa is worth all that stress. Just remember that Christmas isn’t just about gifts, it’s also about family, love and having fun. 

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