Creating Christmas Magic

​​I have heard alot about young children not believing in santa anymore. This makes me really sad because the main reason santa exists is to put a smile on the face of children and bring families closer together. 

That being said try to keep the magic alive by reassuring your child that santa does exist and go to one of the mall santas so they get that amazing experience.

On the night of christmas eve get some flour or baby powder and use it to make foot prints leading to your childs presents to help instill the idea that santa has actually been in the house and left their gifts.

Get your santa footprint stencil here:

The magic of christmas can also be created by getting yourself an ‘Elf on the shelf’ you can let your child know that this elf is one of Santa’s helpers who is having a bit of a vacation in your home. You can then pose the elf each night in strange positions like having a tea party with cuddly toys ect. 

Get yours here:

Merry Christmas everyone and have fun.

Do you have any ideas regarding christmas magic? If so comment and let me know 🙂

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