Embarrassment while shopping

Here’s my embarrassing story. 

My wife and i were in Tesco doing some grocery shopping and we had just driven for maybe 30 minutes or so and was another 15 – 20 minutes away from home. We had just got the basics in the trolley with our 18 month old sitting in the seat all strapped up. As we were looking at the clothes my daughter started saying ‘Weeee’ while holding onto the trolley handle and leaning back. After we had finished looking at the clothes (a good few minutes later) and stared to walk away she had said it again. Thats when we noticed the puddle on the floor. It was massive! She had a wee that was soo big it leaked out her nappy soaked her legs and created a puddle. We were both shocked because she had her nappy changed about 10 minutes before we drove to Tesco. 

We then had to rush her to the toilet and get her cleaned up also realising we didn’t have any spare clothes. I then had to run around and buy her an outfit to change her into. It really made me feel like the worst parent in the world. I know I’m not that bad a parent but in situations like that it does make you feel like one.

If you have any funny or embarrassing stories that you are happy to share you can send them in by emailing me and i will post up the funniest anonymously unless you want mentioning.

Have you had an experience like this? If so then please comment.

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