Christmas time

Here at the Opinionated dad castle we have put up most of our Christmas decorations. 

We started off with the tree for the living room which is one that’s already pre-lit. I stacked it up and my wife ‘fluffed’ it out. This is where you bend the branches to make it bushy. Below is a before and after ‘Fluffing’.



As you can see a ‘fluffed’ tree is the best.

We then went up to our daughters room and put up her 2 foot tree which she decorated completely (apart from the lights) which as you can see she’s not bad.

After getting our daughters room all festive we came downstairs to decorate the main tree. That’s when we realised we lost our tinsel. I spent the next half an hour trying to find it and eventually I did find it. Finally we got our tree all decked out and this is a picture of it now all lit up.

Looking cozy. 

Anyway we still have some bits to put up but our daughter is going crazy for Christmas now. It’s the first where she can actually make some sense of what is going on and it’s exciting for all of us. 

Christmas is amazing.

Have you started getting your decorations up yet? 

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