Cat that got the cream

Here is another embarrassing story of mine.

My wife and i had gone to the bedroom for some alone time a little while after we put our daughter to sleep. 😉😉 Very rare that we even get any time for that with our daughter as most of you parents will probably agree.

She led on the bed and i got her to put a blindfold on so she couldn’t see a thing. I tied up her hands. I then tied up her feet so she couldn’t move and couldn’t see. I grabbed a can of whipped cream and started to squirt it all over her legs. As i turned to put the can of cream down on the side our cat jumped up and started to lick the cream off her leg. Luckily we both found it hilarious and were laughing at it for a while. I made sure we gave the cat some of his own cream before attempting again. 

At least we now know that in future we will have to check to see if the cat is in the room before attempting again and either shut him out or give him some of his own cream.

This is the culprit his name is George:

Feel free to comment and give your stories.

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