Gift ideas for your little ones

Christmas is just round the corner and some people are completely sorted and ready for it. They have their decorations up and all their gifts bought and wrapped ready for the big day. However if you aren’t that ready and prefer to buy your gifts closer to the time and you’re struggling to think of what you can buy your baby then look no further.

I will list a few items that my wife and i had bought for our little bundle of joy last Christmas that went down really well with them.

● This is the Lamaze Octotunes.

(Click the image for more information)

Your little one will have heaps of fun with this as each of the legs makes a noise. It works like a squeaky toy and each leg is a different note and you can make all sorts of different tunes with it. It even comes with a song book. Lastly the octopus has a slight vanilla scent to it. Great for babies age 0-2 years. My daughter loved to bite the legs and get them to make the note that way.

● This is the Playgro Loopy Loops ball.

(Click the image for more information)

These balls are an amazing gift for little ones as they are bright and colourful which will draw and help to keep their attention. The loops add different textures for your child yo experience. The mirror helps your child to recognise themselves. My daughter again loved playing with hers. However now she has grown up some she likes to throw it around, cheeky little monkey. 

● This is the Nuby Octopus floating bath toy.

(Click the image for more information)

My 1 year old loved bath time with this cute little fellow floating around in there. The tentacles and hoops are designed to be used as a ring toss type of game but obviously that’s not what my daughter did she preferred to chew on the hoops and try to drown the octopus 😁

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