Treat your partner.

When was the last time you treated your partner? I bet it was a little while ago. Now is the time to do it again.

Go out and get your partner some flowers. You don’t need to have a reason to apart from the fact that you love them. You can either order some online as a surprise for another day or you can grab some nice ones at your local florist. Next you need to make sure you have candles. If you don’t have any then go out and buy some. The scented ones are the best. Try to get them in a fragrance your partner likes. Once you have candles sorted the next thing you will need is some form of massage oil (again this can be scented) or body lotion. Lastly you will need some towels and/or some sheets that you can put down to protect your bedding.

When you go and buy the items don’t let your partner know what you’ve bought and keep them out of sight. It will help with the surprise.

Here’s the fun part 😉 Get the bedroom set up by placing the towels or sheets on the bed and make it really comfortable. Use the flowers if you have them to place petals all over the bed and light some candles and place them all around the room. Make sure you place the oil or lotion somewhere close to the bed.

Now you need to get your partner to the bedroom. Lure them up anyway you can without letting on what you have planned. Once they are in the room explain that you’re going to give them a massage.

Get them to undress and let them lie down on the bed with the option to cover their intimate areas with a towel or two. Grab the oil/lotion and go to work. To make it a bit sexier you can always give the massage in your underwear or completely naked.

I hope you both enjoy this post and the massage. 

If you try this out please could you give me your opinions and feedback on how it went? 

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