Ultimate fashion accessory for around the house.

When you get in after a long day at work and finally get to take off your shoes or heels you just want to slip into something comfortable. You will probably just want to get into something warm and cuddly like soft fluffy pyjamas. Why not?! You deserve it!

What about your feet? I bet you would love to slide on a pair of really fully slippers. Again you deserve it! Before you do you have probably thought about all the things you have to do like cook dinner, wash up, sweep and mop the floor blah blah blah BORING!!! 

Put on a pair of fluffy socks or slipper and these!

They’re fun, colourful and you will clean the floor without having to do anything!! Yay!!! One less chore πŸ˜† Do the happy dance!!

Why not get a pair for the whole family?! The floor will be spotless 😁 

They would also make a great gift for someone you know who could do with that one less chore and maybe one more glass of wine or beer. 

Please be aware that if you’re actually going to buy them you only get one so you need to order two (one for each foot).

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10 thoughts on “Ultimate fashion accessory for around the house.

  1. Hmmmm not sure this would work so well. I mean, you’d only be cleaning the parts of the floor where there’s more traffic, and the rest of it (under the furniture, for example) would still gather dirt. Not mom approved! lol πŸ˜€

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  2. I would agree with Fabi here, it might be the case that it may only clean the places which one walks on. But the other positive thing which comes to mind is will this not encourage people to walk more? Perhaps its a mixture of pros and cons but there is room for some adjustment to make the product a better one! Still, Great Post Christopher :).

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