A few tips for parents to be.

Are you planning on having a child?

If you are then i feel there is a few things that you should know and i have written them below for you.

As the baby grows inside your partner you will probably notice that her mood changes quite drastically, rapidly and often. It is normally down to the hormones that she has flooding around her body. This is normal and you just have to grit your teeth and take whatever she throws at you. Remember that she is going through physical changes that are painful and her body will more than likely be changed for the rest of her life. 
Be prepared! Try to get all the things you will need before the baby arrives. Don’t leave essentials like a cot, car seat and nappies until the last minute because both your heads will be all over the place as soon as you see your little miracle.

Try to get a few outfits at least. As soon as you’ve had chance to realise that you’re a parent you will want to dress your child up in all sort of different things so get a couple ready for the first few days at least.

Don’t panic about being the ‘Perfect’ parent. There is no such thing! All you can do is show your child all the love you can and do your best. That will make you perfect. 

Try not to stress out too much. I was really stressed when my little one came along i forgot to cherish everything close to me. Make every moment mean something. Take it all in.

Don’t forget about your partner!! She will be very fragile both physically and emotionally. Try to set a bit if time aside to treat her after all she did have a baby and will still have loads of hormones floating around her.

I hope these tips help and if you have any tips to add just leave a comment.
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4 thoughts on “A few tips for parents to be.

  1. I would say that as a dad don’t feel like you can’t have emotions. My husband had no sleep for my whole labour (nearly 2 days) and then we were home within 3 hours of the birth. Our first night was long and restless. Yes I was exhausted but I had hormones on my side, and everyone asking how I was and looking out for me. I know my husband struggled and reached it to his mum for some support.
    So that’s my advice, whether you’re a mum or dad, you need help and support, don’t be afraid to ask!

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