Holiday announcement

I just wanted to inform you that my family and i are going on holiday tomorrow. We’re fed up of the cold frosty weather and jetting off to somewhere a little warmer. 

We’re all going on a winter holiday

This is actually a holiday to a place that will be warmer and hopefully all kitted up ready for Christmas. It’s to give us all a break as we all need one now and then. I will try to keep posting for all of you dedicated followers but please don’t expect much, if anything. I will be too busy trying to get a tan and relaxing. Nah i will actually be taking loads of photos of my daughter and wife getting in the Christmas spirit.You might get a sneaky picture of me too. 

I don’t have a clue what we will be doing while we’re there but my wife planned it so I’m sure it will be amazing. She has never planned a crap trip, event or activity that’s my job!

The hardest part of going on holiday with a child is the planning. Making sure you have all the nappies, wipes, food, drink and entertainment ect that you could possibly want or need for the journey. You need to have military precision to get there in time and in one piece making sure you haven’t done a ‘Home alone’ and left a kid behind.

Go go go!!

When you’re all crammed into that tiny sardine can it is normal to feed your kid chocolate and sweets while they play games on a tablet. Isn’t it? My thoughts are anything to keep them busy and happy.

If we make it there alive from not killing each other on the plane then we will be worrying about the flight back home for the whole holiday 😩

Have a good week.

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