We’re all going on a winter holiday 🎶

We had a mad rush trying to get ourselves and 2 year old ready at 2am so we could start our journey to the airport. All 3 of us tired, me not so much as i had enough sleep because of driving, in a freezing cold car because our heater isn’t working. 

I had to bypass the heater in the car because in summer we had the really hot weather and that with the heating stuck on in the car due to a malfunction basically turned it into an oven with temperatures exceeding 30°C.

It was a long 3 hr drive to Gatwick airport but at least we had blankets and things to keep us warm. We encountered a road closed off and had to find an alternative route then not long after that we got stuck in traffic because of an accident on the road causing us to get diverted again. I hope all involved in the accident are ok.

 We got checked in after a very tense bus trip from the car park. We handed over our bags ect then we ran to security to get cleared. By this time we only had around 10 minutes to get to our gate. We got stopped and checked by security which took those 10 minutes and when we saw the flight board it said our gate was closed!! We we’re panicking like crazy. We ran to our gate. Me carrying all the bags and my wife trying to control our little monster. The run to the gate took another 10 minutes at least. We arrived at the gate to see they were still boarding the plane. We both let out a massive sigh of relief.

I both love and hate flying. I love the fact that you’re soo high in the sky and it’s a little exciting but i hate that you have to stay in there for soo long and with a child. My mood upon landing will be ‘Grrrrr!!!’

The worst thing is trying to change a nappy in that teenie tiny bathroom just big enough to stand up in.

We tried everything we could think of to keep her busy and happy. We brought a tablet for her to play cbeebies and Peppa Pig on. That didn’t last long. We also had sweets to bribe her with and to help with the ear popping. The only problem with that was she just swallowed the sweets whole! She was meant to chew them 😦 We finally resorted to a dummy to help with the ears popping. I was given a book to read while on holiday and i was hoping to read a chapter or two on the plane but i never stood a chance against the demon climbing machine that is my daughter.

We finally get off the plane in the pouring rain after trying everything we can think of to keep our daughter happy and quiet over the 4hr flight. Collect our bags and the pushchair to be greeted by a man holding a board with my wife’s name on. He was our driver that took us to our hotel. The whole experience was very stressful but also worth it because when we finally got to our room at 2pm we all crashed and slept until the following morning. 

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