A holiday with a 2 year old….. part 1

When we arrived at our hotel it seemed as if we brought the rain with us. It was still warm though so that was a consolation. We arrived at around 12:30pm and we couldn’t check in until 2pm so we had some lunch then went back outside in the rain (we sat under a leaky canopy but we didn’t get wet) It turned out to be a blessing that my daughter loves rain as playing with the water kept her busy for ages. 

We finally went to our room and put our tired little girl to bed in her own ‘big girls’ bed (a single). Which she loved and fell almost instantly asleep. My wife and i let out the biggest sigh as we’ve been awake now for almost 27 hrs straight trying to entertain a little one. Trust me that is no easy task, especially as when she slept we couldn’t due to driving and running around places.

We got up to a fair few things in the first few days like having a walk to explore the city and hotel which was lovely as it was really sunny and warm.

We were soo close to the sea and a little aquarium that was recommended to us by a friend. Our daughter really enjoyed seeing all the fish and playing in the nearby park. When we entered the aquarium there was a man taking everyones pictures and using a green screen style of photography to insert an aquatic background. It was rather fun but my daughter didn’t understand.

We got up to soo much in the first few days i still hadn’t had time to read much of the book i was given. I was reading a couple of chapters after the nightly struggle to get the chatterbox to fall asleep.

I did think that the place might have been a little more Christmas themed than it was. They did have some decorations up but at the same time they did blend into the natural look of the hotel. In the lobby they did have a little nativity scene set up. My daughter kept calling jesus “baby gino” and that stuck for the whole holiday.

Meet baby ‘Gino’

That’s all for now and look out for the next post about the holiday. 

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