When’s a mess not a mess?

I have discovered that you can get chalk in pen form. My daughter loves pens and will even trick us into giving her them, she can be quite cunning. Needless to say when i found them i just knew i had to get them for her.

The pens are from www.chalkola.com  and come in two different colour packs Earth colours and Neon.

Left: Earth Colours Right: Neon Colours

I was a little excited and scared at the same time because they’re advertised to be able to write/draw on any non porous surface so i thought i will try the floor. We have laminate flooring which is non porous and if it doesn’t come off my wife would kill me (that’s the fear bit). So after preparing them by shaking them and pumping the nib we were all set to mess up the floor.

Here are the neon colours

I was actually really impressed with how quick and easy they are to clean up. Just get a wet wipe and wipe off. However the black was a bit more stubborn and i had to get a little water and tissue but it was still as easy as just cleaning the floor.

We went from this:

And using the wet wipes and a bit of water and tissue. My daughter loves cleaning too.

Then we ended up with this:

It took only a few minutes to clean and it came up great. We got out the earth colours next and had a whale of a time. My wife even started colouring in her tattoo.

It is safe to use on skin but be careful if you or your children have allergies.

Again we created a “Mess” or in my opinion a masterpiece.

The earth colours
The masterpiece

I can only really think of one negative and that’s that the lids don’t stay in place on the end of the pen while you use them. Apart from that these pens are amazing and dry fairly quick to making it safe to touch without smudging.

The earth colours were just as easy to wipe up but did take a little longer due to the colours.

So in answer to the question “When’s a mess not a mess?” My answer would have to be when you’ve made a masterpiece on the floor with your daughter that will just wipe off.

If you would like to buy some then click the links at the start of the post and enter code: 20OFFSTR for 20% off!

You can’t get better than that. 🖒

On a side note i am tempted to draw all over my wife with them now 😁

*The pens were sent to me free of charge in an exchange for an honest review*

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