A holiday with a 2 year old….. part 2

This is the 2nd part of my family holiday post. If you haven’t read the previous post then please do so by clicking here.

After the first few days of wandering around and going to the aquarium we did spend a fair bit of time in the hotel complex. We had some lazy days where we didn’t get up to much but enough to keep our daughter happy. She was loved by everyone working and staying there. We couldn’t walk out of our room and down to reception without someone stopping us to either talk to her or tell us how cute she is. 

We were even given special treatment because of how amazing she was. We got to cut queues for dinner and lunch it was like we were famous 😁

In our room we had to put the key in a slot to turn the power on and i found a hack so we could charge phones ect while out the room 😉

I even managed to read a good amount of my book on the evenings when we weren’t running downstairs to the bar and sneaking drinks back up to our room.

There are lots of things i would like to say about the holiday but for some reason i am unable to think of them and get them down on paper so to speak.

Oh! One thing we found out is that the wildlife are friendly. Our daughter saw some pigeons and tried to feed them cake. Next thing we knew there were three of them on the balcony. She absolutely loved those pigeons. They even came back the next day but just wandered into the hotel room.

Our little girl was never that great at drinking from a normal cup but she really got the hang of it on holiday. Now we’re back we are trying not to let her use anything but a normal cup now and she is doing great. She’s even getting cocky and doing it one handed.

DidI mention the mention the little kids area? Possibly but i will say it anyway. There was a little kids area where she would play while we had a coffee and cake. It had a little house and slide. She loves slides! 

I feel like i could talk forever which is strange as i couldn’t think of what to say earlier. I think that’s enough for now but be warned there might be “A holiday with a 2 year old ….. part 3

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