Baby shoes? 

At first i was very against brand shoes for children especially babies. My thoughts were what’s the point in spending soo much on shoes that you child will grow out of in a few weeks/months. 

I highly underestimated brand shoes. While i was against them my wife was buying them left right and center. We had absolutely loads of them. I didn’t see the point but as our daughter grew out of them we got rid of them and they were replaced by similar ones of a larger size. 

I am now really enjoying the brand shoes like little trainers and boot ect because they seem very comfortable and they look soo cute. 

One place that i found did some great trainers is Nike. You have to have a look to believe me but it’s definitely worth trying especially if you think the same as i did. It might just change your mind.

Boys shoes are great and you can get posh little black shoes and even little trainers.

Girls shoes however i find to be more fun possibly because I have a daughter but there are literally hundreds of different shoes you can get.

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