The Christmas cold

It’s typical both this year and last year little Sophia has had a cold. It’s not just a normal cold though. It’s the dreaded Christmas cold! This cold is like no other and is possibly from the same strand as man flu but it only activates at Christmas. It can turn even the nicest child into a terror that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. 

Sophia has the cold and it’s typical that it strikes a few days before our family Christmas party which we’re hosting. The poor little girl is possibly contagious with a streaming nose, runny eyes and just a general bad mood. If we make it through the party with out a tantrum it will be a miracle. 

The worst part of the cold isn’t so much the mood or the symptoms, it’s the fact that no matter what you try to ease the symptoms nothing happens! Calpol – tried doesn’t work. Nurofen – Tried doesn’t work even a cocktail of the two plus a nightlight infuser doesn’t help. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. 

You can distract her to help her act like a normal child but it only lasts a few minutes at a time. Even at night you can’t get more than about an hours rest before she cries and you need to comfort her.

She’s like a very needy snot bubble at the moment. 

If you see anyone with a cold at the moment stay away from them or get those little face masks that surgeons wear and a ton of hand sanitizer. 

Has anyone else experienced the Christmas cold? 
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11 thoughts on “The Christmas cold

  1. Give her a hot whiskey, LOL! Well, seriously, when I was a student I always had Christmas colds. It seemed like a stress reaction – when all the stress was over, the body could relax and then I would get the cold. The last few years I’ve had the cold in January instead.
    I feel your pain about tantrums…. although I don’t have kids. Small kids with colds are generally very cranky.
    Sadly with colds there’s nothing you can do but give her paracetamol, love and fluids.

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      1. I’m in Cape Town and cannot stand the cold. It’s beach and tan season down here. I spent Christmas in London a few years ago…though beautiful I missed the heat and sunshine. Hopefully you will have a healthy happy Christmas.

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