How i started vaping

My wife and i were long-term smokers before we had Sophia smoking a fair bit too. We were both on roll ups because it was cheaper and apparently healthier (That’s what i was told) i could get through a 50g pack of tobacco in about one and a half to two weeks. 

As soon as we found out that my wife was pregnant at around 8-10 weeks (at least i think it was, if I’m wrong my wife will kill me) she just stopped smoking cold turkey. She deserves a huge high five and big pat on the back for that. I did try but moved over to an e-cig because i kept failing. We wanted her pregnancy to be as healthy as possible.

I started on the e-cig with the view to stop that not long after. However i have been using the e-cigs now for almost 3 years and i have weaned myself off the nicotine. So in a way i know I’m not addicted to the nicotine but i just have the habit of vaping. I started with a pen style e-cig but have since moved on to one of the ones that you can actually control how much you get from it. One similar to this:

Currently £28.95

The main advantages of using an e-cig/vaporizer is that you get to control how much nicotine you want or need, you can get flavours to make it more enjoyable, you don’t produce secondhand smoke, it’s cheaper than smoking and it’s a lot less harmful. 

So if you are a smoker and you’re expecting or have a baby/child then i would strongly recommend that you get yourself onto an e-cig device

Currently £14.99

If you would like to have a browse at some of the different types available click the picture below and have a look. 

They currently have free delivery on UK orders over £15.

Uber Vape

All offers are correct at time of publishing.

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