Coping with big families at Christmas

I love Christmas time. It’s one of the only times that you get to see your whole family. Admittedly you might not get to see them all at once but more often than not you do get to see them at some point. 

We threw a little Christmas party to see a bulk of our family close to Christmas and so they can see little Sophia. I’m not 100% sure if it was a success or not because not long into it i started the wine πŸ™Š

We had a few nibbles out and a selection of soft drinks for everyone. It was great to see the way Sophia interacted and played with the other children. She doesn’t go to nursery at the moment so she hasn’t got that much experience with other children. 

She was better than we thought at sharing her toys. She did refuse a couple of times but ultimately she wasn’t too bad. 

No one got drunk at the party apart from my wife and i but we were sober again by the time everyone left. That is the last time i drink during the day as well because i had a hangover all night.

Our house isn’t that big and it was a bit of a squeeze trying to get everyone in. We ran out of chairs too. The worst part was trying to stop our dog from eating the food and jumping up at everyone. 

All in all we all had fun and its definitely something for you to consider if you have a large family. It really does help. 

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