The postnatal princess.

After your partner has given birth she will possibly be feeling rather crap about her body and feeling rubbish in general.

I want you to take some time when your baby is having a sleep to make your partner feel loved and special. Cuddle up with a hot chocolate and a film. Reassure her that she is a great mother and she is still beautiful. 

Do everything possible to make her feel like a princess. Don’t run off to the pub if things get stressful. She won’t be feeling great and her hormones will be all over the place so she can have mood swing but don’t take it personally. Put all your spare time into planning little things that will boost her mood and make her feel better about everything. If you need some help have a look at this post about treating your partner.

Things will get better after the frequency of feeds reduce and it will be even better when your baby sleeps through. 

My wife had complications as a result of a c-section. She had a blood clot and an infection. This made her bed bound for a while after giving birth. Also Sophia has developmental dysplasia of the hips which meant she had to be in a harness to keep her hips in place which made things more awkward with what she could and couldn’t do. I will write a separate post about that sometime. 

I am guilty of not treating my wife like the queen she is and it did cause us a few problems. I even lost my job at the time. It made me shut down and completely turn off. Don’t let this happen to you.

Please if you take anything from this post let it be to remember your partner needs you too.

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