The softer you

Pregnancy Pillows

All through my wife’s pregnancy she was in a lot of pain and discomfort and had to spend a fair amount of time in bed as a result. I did try everything i could think of to help easy the pain and make it more comfortable for her from massages to endless trips to get the random food she was craving. 

As a man i will never be able to fully understand how she felt while the hormones were surging through her body helping a little baby grow. I can only imagine it would be very painful as well as strange, magical and uncomfortable. One thing that we never tried was a pregnancy pillow. If you haven’t seen one this is what they look like:

They’re main purpose is to help take some of the strain off from the weight of the baby and give extra support. They can be used as comfort too. They are the softer you.
One thing that really annoyed both my wife and i was that most of the time all she wanted was a cuddle, which is perfectly fine and normal but me being the pain in the bum i am i was always too hot or kept moving while i slept. In her words I’m too rolly.

If you experience any of these problems like i did then please remember that these pillows exist and get one. It will really help out. Don’t suffer like we did. It just means you will have to share the bed with a big pillow looking like it’s eating your partner.

Pregnancy Pillows


10 thoughts on “The softer you

  1. Ah you sound like the perfect husband. Your wide is very fortunate to have you. I never tried one. We used to have about 9 pillows on our bed (Pre parenthood when I had time to make the bed look nice). I used to just surround myself with those. Was a pain rearranging them all every 20 mins when I got up for a pee tho lol. This just seems perfect if we ever have another.

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      1. Lol. You have to pack them somewhere no one can get to them then store them in a similar fashion or you just find them all inflated again. Some people use them in their suitcase so they can fit more in when they go away. Lol. I tried it once but once the air is removed it creates a very solid package so it has to be a quite small bag to start or once it’s solid it won’t fit in your suitcase lol

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