The morning madness

Every morning i am woken up by my daughter knocking on her door and shouting “Daddy wake up!” It’s really cute. I would love to know what she would do if she could open the door, probably come running in and keep jumping on my head until i woke up. 

This morning she didn’t start knocking until a little later than normal and i thought “awww she must have been tired” I went in to see her and get her dressed when i saw this:

She had decided to trash her room. She was just sat there in the middle of her room playing with the empty box, trying to go back to sleep. 

Now I’m off to tidy her room and try to make it harder for her to get to everything the little bugger. 

I hope you all have a great year! 

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8 thoughts on “The morning madness

  1. Oh man, my daughter just turned one this past December and thankfully she is still in her crib for night time, but our living room play area…always looks like a bomb went off ha. I am sure that in no time her room will be looking much like your daughter’s.

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