What i hope to achieve this year.

I know its a bit late in the month to be setting plans for this year but i don’t like making new year’s resolutions as they always tend to get broken. 

I have decided to make a list of goals i hope to achieve this year or at least be working towards them.

Firstly i would like to get debt free or at least know that i will be in 2018. That’s quite a straight forward one to get set up and eventually achieve.

Secondly i would like to show that i am more emotionally invested in my marriage. I will do my best to tell my wife as and when i feel down or low as well as support her more when she does. 

Thirdly i will be making plans for trips and days out with my wife and daughter and make sure my wife and i have date nights every so often. 

Fourthly i will be trying to treat my wife more. Give her more treats like little gifts, foot massages and laughs.

Fifthly i need to stop writting things like fifthly.

Sixthly i would like to create more meaningful posts for you read as well gain more readers. It would be amazing if you could help by just sharing a few of my posts or telling your friends and family about my blog.

Lastly i need to loose weight and tone up. I have a plan for that, i put into a post already. Click here to read it.

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