How to get free product samples.

​If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a freebie, an exclusive offer, a special discount, a gift with a purchase, or any of the other clever little ways marketers like to treat us, you know it feels great to get something for nothing. Would you like to enjoy that feeling more often? Want to pass the savings on to family and friends? I can show you how!
I’ve gotten pretty experienced at hunting down freebies in the past few years. How do I stay on top of things and find out about the latest special offers? My secret is following the best online freebie sites. There are a lot of these, but my personal favourite is probably FreeStuffBaby.
The way these sites work is pretty simple. First, you have to sign up for the site’s mailing list. Don’t worry, this is totally worth it. Every day you’ll get a notice detailing the latest and greatest special offers in your inbox. In point of fact, a once-a-day update might lead to you missing out on some very quick offers, so it’s also a good idea to follow such sites on Facebook, too. 
From there, it’s just a matter of signing up for the freebies and offers that tickle your fancy. Many offers are arranged so that the relevant freebies are delivered directly to your mailbox. Some retailers set up their freebies so that you need to drop by a store to pick them up. That’s just a matter of printing out a voucher or accessing it from your phone when you get to the store.
However you wind up collecting your loot, the important thing is to strike quickly when offers first come to your attention. Many special offers are run for extremely limited times, and a lot of free merchandise is only offered in small quantities. 
There are a few caveats you always need to bear in mind when you’re dealing with freebie sites. One of the big ones is that these sites are mainly informational. They’re not offering you deals themselves; they’re just notifying you of where you can find the deals. Also, remember that free stuff rarely comes quickly. It can take several weeks – sometimes even more than a month – to receive the goods you sign up for. It’s important to be patient.

My 3 Favourite Freebie Sites

1) FreeStuffBaby 

This user-friendly site regularly provides details for more than 600 different freebies. On any given day the operators add five or six new offers, giving you a constantly-updating field of special offers.

FreeStuffBaby concentrates primarily on free sample offers. You can pick up toiletries, hygiene products, toys, and even sweets. Toiletries and beauty products are always highly sought-after because they can be so handy when you’re travelling.
The site also maintains an excellent hints and tips library. Sharpen up your freebie game and learn how to make the most of your opportunities! There’s also a mobile app version of the site so you can find out about the latest offers no matter where you go.

2) Hot UK Deals 

This freebie site has been in business for over a decade. Registration is and always has been free. Besides free products and samples, Hot UK Deals also points you towards exclusive discounts, fun web competitions, and the extremely popular, frequently-updated “10 Hottest Deals.” This site is well worth your attention.

3) Freecycle

This is a bit of a special case when it comes to freebie sites. As you might guess from the name, Freecycle is primarily geared toward enabling second-hand trading of used goods. The original goal was to cut down on landfill waste by finding second homes for substantial goods that could still be of use. Today there are more than five million people swapping gear through Freecycle.
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