Fussy eaters

We all have our likes and dislikes especially when it comes to food. Some people like pizza and some people don’t.

The most challenging thing for me being a dad is that i don’t know when Sophia is telling the truth. I know she sometimes decides that she doesn’t like something one day when she has eaten it numerous times before and really enjoyed it. On the flip side though it’s hard to tell if she is telling the truth when you introduce her to a new food. If she just pushes it away or spits it out saying she doesn’t like it would that mean she actually doesnt like it or doesn’t want to try something new.

Unfortunately the only way to find out is to keep getting them to try that same thing. You can even eat some yourself and make a song and dance about how amazing it is. That worked on a few occasions for us but is no where near a guaranteed method of finding out. In my short experience there is no definitive way to find out unfortunately. 

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3 thoughts on “Fussy eaters

      1. Certainly! You deserve it : ) Don’t feel pressured to participate. I have been nominated several times and this is the first time I have participated. It’s hard enough for me to get my own posts written : )

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