Sophia’s new room.

Well actually it isn’t a ‘new’ room but its having a makeover. We have bought her a new bed and thought that we would redecorate her room while it was half empty. Soo my DIY skills are put to the test. We decided to wallpaper over the strange brick wallpaper that was there when we moved in. We got 1 roll of glittery grey paper and i got to work.

Back wall during the makeover.

The one roll of paper wasn’t quite enough as you can see in the picture below but the bed will be going there so i didn’t want to spend £19 on another roll for that small area which won’t be seen.

Back wall complete minus the bottom right corner.

It wasn’t too grueling getting the paper up there and i rather enjoyed it.

Next we had a new bed delivered. It’s a bed with a little play house underneath. Here is a video from the first time Sophia saw it. She loves it and it doesn’t have a mattress or any paint yet. (Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel)

The thing she likes most about it is that she can go up and down the stairs. Each step is also storage where the step lifts up and has a compartment inside. Great for storing toy, clothes, nappies ect.

1am finally finished painting.

We sent Sophia away for a night so we could get it painted (see above) and i also managed to get some carpet on the steps. That wasn’t all we had to get done in one night but we were tired so had to sleep. However we did get all the painting done so her room could air out for a day before she needed to sleep in it.

Painted with some detail added.

The following morning we were able to add the little details like a flower pot on the wall by the door, a pink and blue picket fence and some pink lights. We just about managed to get it done before we had to pick Sophia up but there are some little details to add such as flowers for the pot, a number for the door and some bunting. 

All lit up.

When we got home Sophia loved it and the lights do a great job too. I think she will have loads of fun in this bed!! 

The only problem is that i think i want one now. 

I have now been painting on these very small canvas things so she can have some artwork up in her little under bed house. I do get that my art isn’t that great but she loves volcanos and she is still young so i think my painting will pass as one. I have also painted a little flower on a canvas too but i am too ashamed of that one to post a picture up 😔

Last night we had some free time after our anniversary dinner so we had a look around the local shopping center (Gloucester Quays) as we were at Bella Italia which is now a tradition for us on our anniversary and we then ended up at the peel center in Gloucester looking in Home Bargains which in hindsight was a mistake! Any shop like that is detrimental to our bank balance because we always go in to “Just have a look” but end up buying a load of random things that we don’t really need. However when we went in we found a cute chair and foot stool for children so we had to get one for Sophia! I think the final selling point of this chair was that it was pink! I know my wife had wanted a chair for Sophia’s room since we knew we were getting a new bed for her and now we finally have one. 

I am sorry that this post is soo long but i wanted to write this one as we were doing up the room so i could update it with the progress pictures. 

Let me know what you think of her new room in the comments below 🙂 

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