How To Stop Your Children From Vaping

​Vaporizers and E-cigarette are gaining in popularity among teenagers nowadays. It is a new mainstream trend taking over regular smoking routines among individuals. The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association says that nearly 2 million individuals in the UK alone use different types of vaporizers and E-cigarettes every single day. This popular trend has translated into a £1.5 billion industry within just a few years. A-list Hollywood stars are even receiving £200 product samples in their Oscar gift bags.

E-cigarettes like any other popular product we encounter are still surrounded by many controversies. Schools in Canada have even gone to the extent of sending letters to parent with a warning that should their children ever bring E-cigarettes or Vaporizers to the school again, they will face suspension. The schools claimed that Vaporizers and E-cigarettes are not allowed in the school premises just like cigarettes. One school’s website stated that even though vaporizers are only recommended for adult use, fruit flavored vaporizers are available to students and are widely sold to teenagers and underage students alike. According to the notice, it would be advisable for parents to hold discussions with their children regarding the possible health hazards of using such products as well as the new school policy.
The rate at which teenagers are learning to smoke rechargeable E-cigarettes like adults is alarming. The most alarming thing is the fact that many teenagers using such products are in grade 8 and lower. The only cause of this problem is that most of the websites selling e-cigarettes do not have age restrictions making them readily available to underage children. The University of Carolina conducted a research study that revealed that 75 out of 98 underage children that attempted to buy electronic cigarettes were successful. With over 475 electronic cigarette brands and over 7800 flavors available, children can easily find and buy such products without their parents noticing. What can parents do in such situations?
1. Taking To Children About Electronic Cigarette Use
For many children, the attraction behind the electronic cigarettes and vaporizers is their flavors such as candy and chocolate. This is why underage children easily confuse the products for something childish. In such a scenario, the best thing a parent can do is to tell his or her children about the dangers of smoking. If you are a parent that loves vaping, you should inform your children that electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and other smoking products have age restrictions.
2. Keeping The Products Out Of The Reach Of Children
Many of the students that brought the electronic cigarettes and vaporizers to school in the aforementioned scenario either got them from parents or took them without the knowledge of their parents. Parents should strive to ensure that vaping products are always kept out of reach of children. If they fail to do so then they risk the children using the products or carrying them to school. Children can even ingest the eliquid accidentally, which is very dangerous. It is thus important for parents to keep the products away from children.
3. Avoid Vaping In The Presence Of Impressionable Children
Children are always looking up to adults for a role model and if they find their parents vaping in their presence or talking to their friends about vaping products, they can easily get the impression that vaping is a cool thing that they should do. Once the children get such ideas, they can consider 
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