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A unique valentines gift

I have a great idea for a unique gift you could get your partner this year for valentines day. It is a scratch card that you make yourself. The amazing thing about it is you could use it as a way of giving a present you have already bought for them. For example if you … Continue reading A unique valentines gift

When’s a mess not a mess?

I have discovered that you can get chalk in pen form. My daughter loves pens and will even trick us into giving her them, she can be quite cunning. Needless to say when i found them i just knew i had to get them for her. The pens are from www.chalkola.com  and come in two different … Continue reading When’s a mess not a mess?

Ultimate fashion accessory for around the house.

When you get in after a long day at work and finally get to take off your shoes or heels you just want to slip into something comfortable. You will probably just want to get into something warm and cuddly like soft fluffy pyjamas. Why not?! You deserve it! What about your feet? I bet … Continue reading Ultimate fashion accessory for around the house.

Gift ideas for your little ones

Christmas is just round the corner and some people are completely sorted and ready for it. They have their decorations up and all their gifts bought and wrapped ready for the big day. However if you aren't that ready and prefer to buy your gifts closer to the time and you're struggling to think of … Continue reading Gift ideas for your little ones